Partner & Provider

Present since the existence of school transportation in 2010, these partners and providers also contribute to the smooth running of school transportation on a daily basis. A close collaboration between our company, Unika Voyages, and these factors maintain the right price, comfort, safety, insurance for the children and parents.

L’UPMD (Parents union of marguerite duras)

L’UPMD, Parent’s Union of Marguerite Duras is the parents’ association of school Marguerite Duras, and volunteers to represent the parents at LFI Duras, the Unika Transport Company and in each of the School life (councils, commissions …). The UPMD Transport Group monitors transport and works together with Unika to further improve this service.

In close collaboration with the UPMD, we remain together to listen to the parents regarding the school transport. Our regular meetings verify all aspects related to transport and provide solutions if necessary.

Autocar HOA BINH (PeaceTours)

The company Hoa Binh, one of the biggest fleets of vehicles on the market, has been with us since 2010. Until now, only this company is able to meet the specifications of school transport, especially in terms of price and quantity of vehicles available.

Gras Savoye Willis Vietnam Insurance

From the 2017-2018 school year, Gras Savoye Willis Vietnam has been with us. As part of the school transport organization, Gras Savoye Willis Vietnam is a privileged partner. Parents and children can take the bus in tranquility. Indeed, our company subscribes annually the following insurances:
– Professional Civil Insurance as a company
– Accident Insurance

Red Cross Vietnam

Since 2010, before the start of the school year, all Supervisors, on board the vehicles during the journeys, receives first-aid training at the organization of Red Cross in Ho Chi Minh City.